Are You Feeling The Pinch of the Economy Due to Structured Settlement Payments? Tradeoff Your Future Income Streams & You’ll Be Rolling In The Money

Teachers play a crucial role in molding students into successful society members. We all had to undergo supervision by a teacher at some stage in our lives. In the US, a teacher owes students a duty of care whose breach may result to liability in negligence. The duty of care covers pupils during school time and vicinity. The court in assessing the responsibility of a school or teacher determines whether the risk of harm was foreseeable. A cluster of considerations such as measures incumbent upon the defendants to prevent danger, the gravity of the injury, the age of the learners and the expenditure of keeping the perils at bay come into play.

Catherine Knott was eight eights old when she sustained severe injuries on the head and right eye inflicted by another pupil with a golf ball. In a personal injury lawsuit against the school and headmaster, the trial judge and jury to meted out compensation to cover for the physical damage. A structured settlement between the parties entitling Knott to a stream of future income with money payable on periodic terms came into effect. Immediately after turning eighteen, she started collecting her monthly payments and annuities. Although Knott expected more payments to come down the pike, she was craving for a lump sum, like a lottery award. The only weapon she had in her financial arsenal was her structured settlement payments, and she decided to trade off a portion to get a larger amount of money.

Sell Structured Settlement

Request For Varying Offers From Structured Settlement Funding Companies

Knott explored the market to ensure she sold her structured settlement payments for substantial cash. She used the National Association of Structured Settlement Purchasers to pick out reliable companies. Additionally, entrusting a distinguished structured settlement funding company can help you save time and money as they will provide an objective appraisal to determine the chances of success before filing a petition in court.

Execution of Specified Documents

Knott received her documents online and a recommendation to an independent professional advisor as required by state laws. The documents included a disclosure statement, transfer agreement, affidavits, and court filing forms. Knott opted to strike the deal without the professional advisor as she only needed to slice out a portion of her future income stream. Her state had a “freezing period”; this phase gave her 21 days to rescind the agreement. The transfer of structured settlement proceeds kicks off after the toll of the timeframe.

Processing of Relevant Documentation

The structured settlement companies buckle down to look into the validity of the structured settlement payments rights offered. The company will sift out UCC filings and request the annuity issuer certain documents to ensure the future cash flows have no claims, garnishment or liens.

Structured Settlement Attorneys File A Court Petition

Once the structured settlement purchasing company verified the future income stream, their team of attorneys filed a petition in the court located in her county of residence. Structured settlement funding companies used pre-booked case numbers to jump the long queues and expedited the hearing within three weeks. Knott was mandated to appear in court before a superior court judge who made findings the transaction was in her best interest. The judge also examined her on the terms of the transfer agreement, discount rate, net lump-sum payable, and an itemized catalog of expenses. The judge signed off the transaction with an order that was forwarded to the annuity issuer to endorse the transfer agreement.

Wire Transfer of Her Lump-Sum Amount

The annuity issuer acknowledged the receipt of the transfer and agreed to remit the payments to the structured settlement funding company. The buyer of annuities released her funds to the designated account.

First-Class Structured Settlement Funding Companies

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Stone Street Capital can provide you with a lucrative offer and a custom-made agreement for your structured settlement payments. The company has mastered court procedures and relevant laws to traverse your through bureaucracies without feeling the pinch.

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